Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The boys are loving their science project, and I for one am amazed! Ryan does science with the kids two days a week, at 6:30 AM! (while I sleep in! I love it, my WONDERFUL husband brings me coffee in bed on those mornings!) Last Thursday, they planted various plants and housed them in this "greenhouse." We are all surprised at how fast they are growing! We literally can see the growth in a few hours!
Dylan was actually excited to get up and check the seeds that he had placed all over the house in various places to see if they were growing. Even Spencer wanted to get up early to learn more about the plants! Oh the joys of home schooling!
* The funny thing is that they started out the year studying animals, which they loved, but, when they moved on to botany, they were bummed, they thought it would be BORING! Much to their surprise, they are enjoying it!