Thursday, February 7, 2013

Haiti day 7 part 1...

I started out the day looking like this...

after about 2 hours in the back of a truck, we came out looking like this!!!
Isaiah thought we were in Michigan, it was a little chilly just after dawn.
 This was our big driving day.  We went up into the mountains about 6 hours one way to do a medical clinic.  I have lots of pictures and videos of this day that I want to share, so I am breaking this day into 2 parts.
*Funny story:  This guys name is Dukas.  He was very quiet and reserved, but on our 6 hour drive, I had the chance to talk to him and I asked him if he spoke much english, to which he replied, "No, I can't speak any english!"  Um Ok, so you can say that!  So I asked if he understands more than what he can speak, and he said, "I don't even listen!"  LOL That dude is funny!  Isaiah tried to tell me he didn't speak english, but I know better!  He was such a sweet guy and he kept asking us{in english}to pray for his wife who was due to have a baby very soon.  We found out that she needed to have a c-section and they were concerned about how to pay for it.  So, we were able to give him some money to help cover the cost.  It was so hard to see so many needs and know we couldn't help everyone, but this was one dear family that we were able to bless.
This is one of many witch doctors, you can tell by the flags they fly.  So.incredibly.sad.

The roads were dusty and bumpy, but it was great to be able to see some beautiful sights in Haiti.
We found it funny that we turned brown and the guys turned white from all of the dust, I could literally see it piling up on Isiah's eyelashes!
This was a very interesting medical clinic.  These people had not had a medical clinic in 30 years!  Some of them didn't know how to stand in line, we had to take them by the hand and lead them and sorta hold them in place.  We handed out hotel size shampoo and soap that was donated to us and the pastor grabbed them and told us he had to tell them what it was so they didn't drink it!

The video above is one of my favorite memories of our trip. It may not look like much to you, but it cracked me up, and shows the type of guys we were working with.  They truly care about the people and were very serious about their work. The man in the hat tried to get some liquid medicine from the 'pharmacy' but, he wanted to put it in an old used bottle.  Thankfully, our guys were very cautious and knowing people were bringing in used bottles for the liquid meds, they started sniffing them to be sure they were clean.  I saw them sniffing bottles and thought I would get a video of them, I didn't expect to catch this little incident.  Later I asked Wilkenson what the problem was and he told me that the man tried to use a bottle that had gasoline in it!  He said "We are trying to help them, not to make them dead!"  Yes sir, you are right! Oh these guys were such a hoot!


MamaTod said...

Stacy, I'm so enjoying your recap. I had to miss the report to the congregation, so this is a fabulous was to hear all about it. Thanks. Dorothy M.