Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guess what season it is?


Finally, fall hunting season is upon us (Ryan's thoughts). This is the first fall that Dylan can hunt for the entire season. After he turned 10 last February he shot his first squirrel, but this year he could go on many more hunts.

It started on Labor Day with a goose hunt on Grandpa VZ's farm. Shot no geese but saw a few. The guys in the field next to us shot 16. Bummer.

Then there was an early doe season on Uncle Robb's farm. We did not shoot any, Dylan was wishing he was 12 so he could use the gun as all 8 does stayed around 25-30 yards away. Dylan has practiced hard with his bow and can consistently shoot in the bulls eye within 15 yards. So any deer that ventures that close will be filling our freezer.

Then this past Saturday was a youth (10-16) duck hunt. We could not go in the morning as Stacy was at a women's retreat, but she returned by late afternoon and off we headed to our favorite waterfowl pond. Uncle Matt and Bryce were our guides and Dylan shot his first duck as it flew over his head. . I do not know who was more excited but I think I saw Matt doing a dance by the other pond . Thanks Uncle Matt.

Next comes the most anticipated season of all, bow season on October 1.

Mommy always knows it is nearing hunting season when the boys wear 2 pieces of camo every day! No joke! The rule at our house is, you can not leave the house (unless of course you are going hunting)with 2 pieces of camo on. Only 1 piece of camo if we are going in public! But during the day, I don't really care what they wear if we are at home and camo is the uniform of choice around here!


Dorothy said...

LOVE it!
Does a pair of socks count as 1 item? ;)