Tuesday, September 30, 2008

working hard...

Easton working hard on his school work! He is learning to wield a scissors quite well! At first I had to hold the paper, and I thought my fingers would be cut off, but now he is doing very good with them!

The boys working on their school work. Look at the concentration on Spencer's face!

Anaya working (actually sitting) on her masterpiece! Oh how I love the Aquadoodle mat! She goes to town on that thing!

The guys playing guitar, actually they don't know how to play yet, but we are hoping to find someone to teach them ~ soon! Dylan just started piano lessons back up, he hasn't had them since we moved! He wants to be a worship pastor, although ever since we moved, he has been rethinking that decision. He doesn't want to have to move around ~ he would like to stay in one place his whole life!!! Sounds like someone else I know~um....(ME!) So I am trying to figure that out right along with him, and allow God to show us what He wants us to be and where He wants us to live. I pray that Dylan will see the benefit of following God's desires above our own, and desire to do what would please God! I didn't sign up to be a pastors wife, in fact the thought NEVER crossed my mind, as the man I married was not at all "pastor material" dare I say...He was always the first one out of church, and very fidgety and nervous in front of people! I always tell people that the biggest miracle I have ever seen is Ryan! He changed so much over the years, and I can't believe he is the same man I married!


Anonymous said...

Stacey, I'd talk to Luke Kostal (Jed's dad) about guitar. This would be a better time of year for him as things slow down at Grace and he's also quite close to your house. He plays other stringed instruments too, in case you're thinking mandolin or something. :) He's also a fantastic role model for boys...outdoorsman, woodworker, musician, lover of God.