Wednesday, October 1, 2008

They love their Daddy.....

And it is all smiles when they get to go hunting with him, but that was not the case tonight!

Tonight they were all in a tizzy because Ryan is leaving to go down to Hamilton so he can hunt tomorrow morning, and they had to stay home! Usually he takes them with him when he goes, except for opening day of course! Well, today was opening day, and he did go out for a little while this morning, but tonight he was HOME for dinner(and then we had church!) Home for dinner on opening day of bow season ~ this has NEVER happened! As long as I have known him(like~almost 20 years)he has never missed going out on opening night!! So as you can imagine this was very strange for him, and then he had to deal with the boys too! It was so funny to hear him "guys, I take you with all the time... Daddy just needs one day to hunt alone... I will see you tomorrow night at Grama's house... Friday, I will take you is just one day..."
He came upstairs looking frazzled and said~"Am I selfish?" ABSOLUTELY NOT! You go and have fun Ry!! I love that man!