Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun filled weekend....

The 3 amiga's! Ana, Anaya, and Bella all lived at Hannah's Hope together. Jenifer, Susie, and I were able to get the girls together on Friday and have some time for us to chat, and the girls to play! It was great to see them all together. They all have such different personalities, and it was so much fun to see them! Thanks Jenifer for having us over, and Thanks Susie for the adorable pictures! Can't wait to do it again!
After we left our friends house, we went apple picking! It was a beautiful day, and we thought we better get out and enjoy it. My parents, sister Steph, and all of the cousins went with, and we had fun picking~it went very fast as we had so many helpers! Anaya loved licking the apple, she hasn't figured out how to eat it without help as of yet!

Look at the size of those apples! They were huge! Unfortunately they are the ones I got just for eating, the ones I got to make sauce out of were much smaller. That means more work for me!
The gang at the orchard. I love fall!
The boys were picking them and transporting them back in their shirts! Smart kids!

Thursday we spent the evening with my sister in law's and all the kids, while the guys went hunting. As they were sitting in their tree stands, we received a call from our friend telling us about her brother in law, and his fall from a tree stand. That put a knot in every ones stomach, as we all know how easily accidents happen. We all know Jeff and his family and are praying for them regularly. His wife Neesa is Spencer's teacher at Friday Addition, and they have 3 daughters around our boys ages. Please be in prayer for this family. They have a care page set up at search for Jeff Elenbaas, if you are interested in praying for them more specifically.


Anonymous said...

Stacey, this is off-topic for the post but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NOTE!!! The prayers of God's people will get us through his deployment and the fact that you took time to write and tell me made it even more special. It means more than a simple "thank you" can express.