Monday, October 20, 2008


This is her first time walking outside! She has moved into the all terrain category! See the video at the bottom of this post!

She is getting good at walking, and she does it a lot with out being prompted. She will just stand up and start walking, usually with a big smile on her face, because she knows she is cute, and doing something mommy thinks is really big stuff!(and brothers and daddy and grampa and grama and get the picture.)

She is so funny, she WILL NOT say my name in a normal voice. She always says it in a Darth Vader sort of voice. I ask her to say it all the time in hopes that she will forget to do it in the weird voice, but she never does! I am happy she says it at all, for a little while she refused to say my name at all! Her newest word is "Uh Oh" it is so cute, she tries to say Dylan, and she makes a funny noise when she hears the dog (so does the dog), so I think that she knows what the dog says! She is learning so much and her hair is growing so fast, she is staying pretty tiny yet, but that's OK, she is a happy, healthy little girl, and we are enjoying her and thanking God for her everyday!

Here is how she says my name....
video video


Ferrick said...

I knew she was about to take off! Go Anaya Go! How fun, she looks so little. Thanks for all the prayer and support Stacy, Susie