Wednesday, October 8, 2008

carmel apples....

Dylan did his last and there wasn't enough carmel to cover his apple!
Easton wasn't quite sure how to eat such a messy thing!
Jayden ~ of course didn't care, and dug right in!
Spencer and his master piece. I let them decorate them with sprinkles and chocolate chips, and as I was cleaning up I found Anaya sitting under the bar stools and she was drooling chocolate!! She obviously found a few on the ground, and she was not very happy when I moved her away from the mess! (unfortunately I didn't get a picture first!)

Wow, what a mess! But boy were they good! I eat so many apples in the fall, but I rarely ever eat them at any other time of the year. Apples and chili, which I made two batches of today, are the epitome of fall~my favorite season of the year!