Monday, September 22, 2008


Stacy Renee Vander Zwaag
It is your 34th birthday so…
Here are 34 things I love about you…

1. I love your joy for life.
2. I love you love for orphans.
3. I love how you want to be with me (turkey hunting).
4. I love how you exemplify God’s grace.
5. I love how you start most days out with you and God time.
6. I love your decorating skills.
7. I love your smile.
8. I love your love for your parents and sisters.
9. I love your petite body and how you care for it.
10. I love how your mother our children.
11. I love how you love pink.
12. I love how you are a girly girl, but yet can hang with the boys.
13. I love being married to you.
14. I love your commitment to a healthy life style (Izzy vs. diet coke etc.)
15. I love your willingness to sacrifice your comforts.
16. I love that you and I are so different yet we love to be together.
17. I love spending time with you.
18. I love how you give thought filled gifts.
19. I love your heart for the Spanish speaking people.
20. I love your sense of fashion.
21. I love how always look your best when I come home.
22. I love your instinctive gift of knowing how to solve relational problems.
23. I love your sense of right and wrong.
24. I love how you teach our children.
25. I love your sass and spunk.
26. I love your independent spirit, but yet you still listen to my heart.
27. I love how you let me dream.
28. I love how you are my sounding board for ideas.
29. I love how you shop, finding bargains and knock offs.
30. I love how you choose joy, no matter what God allows into your life.
31. I love how love and care for our family.
32. I love spending time with you after the kids go to bed.
33. I love your passion for the things of god.

I love you more than you'll ever know! You're my best friend and hero. You taught me about grace and God's unconditional love and acceptance. If it weren't for you I'd still be a legalistic, shy, nervous man who does not have a passion for Christ or the things of Christ. I love how you love people. You care for those around you so deeply. I'm always so excited for new people to meet you because I get to watch them discover how amazing you are all over again!There is no one on the planet like you! I pray with all my heart that our children grow up and call you blessed. Happy Birthday Stacy!
Love, Ryan


steph said...

awwwww, how sweet was that!!!! Matt said "well done Ryan!" happy birthday Stacy. We love you soooo much too! Hope your day was a good one!

Trish said...

That is so sweet!

Hi Stacy, this is Trish from church! Just in case you didn't know :) It was good to see you and it you have such a wonderful testimony...thanks for sharing!

Lee said...

Happy Birthday, again Stac!!
That was a great tribute to a super great lady!!!

I especially appreciate her shopping and fashion savvy-ness. :) And parenting skills.

May God shine on you this year, Vander Zwaag's :) :) :)

Crystal said...

Husband of the year award to Ryan! Wow. Hope your b-day was blessed.

Eric and Michelle said...

I hope your birthday was awesome....tough to follow that. Precious!

Ranae De Jonge said...

Sorry it's late, but happy birthday Stacy! I miss you! What beautiful words Ryan had for you and shared with all of us...what a great testimony. I have no doubt that your kids will rise up and call you blessed, their daddy sure does! Love, Ranae