Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Look at all those peaches! No, I did not do them all by myself, in fact I did very little! My Mom and Grama came up and they peeled and sliced them, I was in charge of the syrup and the canner. I did make a couple batches of peach jam all by my big girl self though!
35 quarts of peaches, and 2 batches of jam! YAY! I am so glad that is done! I don't mind canning since I always have Mom and Grama to help me, if I had to do it myself, it may not get done! It is fun to have all 4 generations in the kitchen working hard (they work harder than I do, because of that 4th generation!) Fun wonderful memories!
I received some spools of ribbon from a friend as part of Anaya's baby gift, and look at what I made!(yes, all by my big girl self!) It isn't perfect, like the one I got for a gift, but it works for Anaya's hair. I can't wait to get more ribbon and make some more!
Well, even with all of the peaches and bow making, I managed to do two partial days of school. At one point I was trying to teach the 3 older boys something (?) while Anaya stood with her face pressed against the glass door screaming away, I was trying to press on with my last bit of instruction when the boys all started laughing and asking if they could go pick her up! So I still have to figure out how to keep her from stealing the show, but all in all it went rather well!


steph said...

yum, peaches sound good. Can I buy some from ya?:) I had some of moms peach jam and it was really good. Sounds weird though. Brayden is being a pain so far with school too. He has no one to play with and he doesn't know how to play by himself yet! He's never had to! I guess we'll figure it out. Give kisses to the kids and maybe I'll catch ya tom. before you take off. love ya

Sherry N said...

Impressive! Gayle and I picked Peaches a couple of weeks ago and I showed her how to make your recipe...of course we cut the sugar in the syrup down some. You guys like it SWEET! We only did a dozen jars because I didn't need any this year. I can't imagine doing that many in one day. WOW!

Hey next time your in town and not too terrible busy, do you have time for a haircut? I also still have that printer we talked about a long time ago if you're still interested.

Eric and Michelle said...

That all looks so good. What great family time and memories.