Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I feel smarter when....

"I feel smarter when you are right here!" This is what Dylan said to me today as I was leaving his side after helping him do a math problem. He always thinks better when I am hovering over him for whatever reason, it has been that way since he was little, and his brothers are the same way! Which makes for an interesting day of home school! "Mom, come here", "Mom, can you help me?", "Mom, I need you"... Well, after a few hours of this, I feel smarter when everyone KEEPS QUIET!!! I really feel like my head is going to burst sometimes!
I have one kid who completely freaks out when his work is not perfect, which has been funny to watch, (as I always choose laughter as opposed to crying about it!) Oh the joys of home school!
Dylan's comment reminded me that ~ ya know what, I too feel smarter when God is right here. I need to start the day with Him, and now that we are in school mode, I am reminded that I need Him for wisdom in this daunting task of schooling my children each day, let alone his help in keeping my head from exploding!
" Thank you Lord for making me feel smarter when I call on You!"


steph said...

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! I can always tell when I don't start the day in prayer with the kids! I almost threw myself out the window at one point today:) Ahh, but tomorrow is another day! Hope yours goes well. Love ya