Monday, September 1, 2008

So long lazy days of summer... you will be missed!

Those crazy boys! They have so much fun together, you never know what they will come up with! Here they are being pirates!
After canoeing on Saturday, we had a birthday party for my niece Rylie, my nephew Brayden, and my Sister Jen! Then we decided to check out the dunes. We have lived up here for around 7 months, and I have never been up to the dunes! Wow, is that a crazy place! LOTS of sand, and a beautiful view of Lake MI, and Silver Lake. And LOTS of CRAZY people, we saw lots of dune buggies, cycles, quads, trucks, cars, and even a souped up mini van! I still do not think it looks like fun, it looks dangerous to me, but it was intriguing, to say the least!
We climbed to the top~that is a work out(my calves still ache!) The little white rectangle to the right of Ryan's head is our house! We can see a sliver of the lake, and the dunes from our house, so I figured we would be able to see our house from the dunes!
The view of Silver Lake. The kids loved doing flips down the steep hill, they were so incredibly sandy, I had to scrub their heads and shampoo them twice, you should have seen the shower!

My Mom took 6 of the grand kids school supply shopping today! Thanks Mom! They are all excited to use their stuff. I wish I could say I was excited, I am not, however I guess I am ready to get into the groove and settle back into a routine. So here it goes ~ So long summer! Hello school year!


Steph said...

Hey, did the video of them flipping down the hill work? I need to see that if it did!! I'm so not ready for school either. Somehow I don't think that matters:) Hope it goes good for you today. love ya

bushfamily said...

Thanks for your help this weekend. Hope it wasn't much of a bother that we stopped in unannounced. As it turns out Andrew was fine by that afternoon!!! Looks like you had a great time! We'll probably see you in church one of these up coming weeks. Have a good day!