Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not do that again!!................................

I know as you watch this, you may think I am mean, but all I did was a little rrroooaaarrr!! And he freaked out! So then I grabbed the camera, and I said "should I do it again?" As you, can tell, it was a definite NO," Not do that again!!" I thought it was so funny that he kept saying it over and over! Well, I just ran across this video again, and it reminded me of how I have been with my Heavenly Father about getting another previo!! "Oh please NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!" I know my little roar scared Easton, and I knew he didn't want me to do that again, and as a loving mother, I didn't! I know God hears my plea's and I know he is a loving God, so I am continuing to pray "NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!"

9 DAYS LEFT!! We are down to single digits now and so very excited!! Please continue to pray that on Tuesday our daughters LONG awaited birth certificate will finally be released!