Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 3 in Antigua!!...................

Wow was it hot! It had to be 90 degrees out today!
We headed out for a walk, and quickly turned around and headed for the pool!! The boys played in the pool, and played catch in the lawn for hours. This apartment is perfect for us! Jen and I painted Anaya's toe nails ~ What fun!

The kids think they are on summer vacation, but today, they actually read one of their school books, tomorrow we are going to ease into a few more! We did some laundry today, they say the dryer takes up a ton of electricity, so we had our clothes strewn all over our little courtyard! Here is a picture of part of our courtyard, and the laundry room, which isn't in the house, but in a small room off the courtyard. There is a picture of me at the pool with our apartment in the background.

Anaya slept so good last night! I don't know what time She went down, but she woke up at 4:45 AM! The first night she went down late, and woke up at 1:30, then again at 4:30, so I was pleasantly surprised to wake up at 4:45!! The problem is that the steps are very loud, and when I went up to put her back down, the boys heard me and woke up! It was 5:00 AM here, but, it was 7:00 back at home, so they were not tired, and stayed up! The time thing is hard, they go down at 8:30PM Guatemala time, and wake up at 5 AM! Tonight they were so tired, they were falling asleep at 8:00 PM! We figured they would be tired after all the swimming, and our long walk! We couldn't get good pictures of the volcanoes again, because of the haze. The air here is awful! We feel so dirty after our walks, our eyes are all gritty, and it smells of exhaust, it is something to behold! No emission standards here!! The chicken busses scare poor Anaya half to death! I have her in my carrier, and hold her tight, but her little arms flail out and her big eyes get HUGE every time! The boys like to watch her and laugh!!( I will post a picture of the chicken bus tomorrow!)

We are really enjoying our time here, and are so thankful for SKYPE, so we can see and talk to Ryan,(and a few others have joined us also Yeah!)! Anaya is doing well, and loving the boys, and she is starting to want ME!! Which drives the boys nuts, they want to "babysit", but she sees me and wants to come!!! She is so sweet!!!!
We still have no word on our b.c. so... To any of you who have said you were interested in coming, we would love to have you anytime from the 19th to the end of May, (and probably longer!)
Just let me know!!