Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 4.............

We took the ride of a lifetime today, as you can see, it was quite an adventure!! For about 15 Q's(less than $2.00) we went across town to La Merced, and bought necklaces from the street vender ladies!! That in itself was an adventure, about 10 people came flocking to us as we were trying to buy from 2 of them, and telling the rest no! As we walk away, the prices drop in half once again, but when we're spending less than $5.00 on things, it's OK to have "overpaid!"

We also ate out for the first time tonight. That was fun~We could read only a few of the items so, we didn't get too adventureous, we had pizza and burgers! We went there for the bakery, and the banana bread they make, but she said "manana!" So I guess we come back tomorrow!

The kids did a little school work again this morning, then they went swimming, and later this afternoon we went for our tuk tuk ride, and shopping. The kids each bought something with the money Grampa T. gave them! Then we hurried home, as it was starting to get dark. It was Labor day today, and I don't know what was going on, but it was bumper to bumper traffic here! We were glad we were on foot for the trip home! We happened upon a fist fight that broke out just as we were coming down the side walk, and Jen said,"ahh Stac, should we turn around? those people are beating each other up!" So we grabbed the kids, and ran up the street a little ways, and just then a police tuk tuk pulled up, and so did a police SUV, they had guns, so we backed up further, and when they had things under control a bit we scooted past at a very fast pace. The people who were fighting were 2 guys, and 2 girls stepped in and one of them got pounded on also! There were several people watching, but no one really did any thing, but someone must have flagged down the police, because they came fairly quickly! The whole way home the kids were asking if they were going to jail, and if they were bad guys, and if they would beat us up, and if that is why we went the other way.... it was a real eye opener.

Speaking of eye openers, the boys witnessed a man take a cup out of the garbage, and drink what was left in it!! I had to yank Jayden away, as he was stunned! "Did he drink out of the garbage?" "Why?" "Is that gross?" "Is that lady begging for money?, I would give her some!" There are some things in life I want them to know about, but, at the same time, it is hard to see it, and realize how unfair life can be!! We prayed for all the many beautiful Guatemalan people we saw today, and that they would have what they stand in need of most! God!

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to see Anaya's beautiful homeland, may we never forget these are your children, and they need you!


Lee said...

We missed you last night Stacy! You were prayed for fervently a couple times during Bible Study and on the minds of everyone. (((HUGS)))
The fireworks going off constantly in Antigua kept me a little edgy...I'm sure fist fights will set you back. I'm adding safety back to the top of the list and looking forward to hearing how A's birthday party with her family goes. Love ya, amiga.

bushfamily said...

I can't get over how beautiful she is! Praying for your family and that bc!! Lots of love!