Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a video, however, I could not get it to upload, after trying several times, so this picture will have to suffice! They were SO SURPRISED!!! Jayden and Spencer were outside and all of a sudden I heard them saying something, and heard Ryans voice! I was waiting for a van to come down the road, but instead he walked up! The boys were saying "How did you get here?" Then Ryan told them he walked!! They were so confused! It was so great to see the looks on their faces! Dylan saw someone walk past the window, and he thought that it looked like daddy, so he walked outside, and was dumbfounded! It was a great day!!
Anaya in the dress we bought in Panajachel!
We went out to eat at a cute little place, Jayden and Spencer ordered RABBIT for dinner!! They were so excited! The rest of us had "normal" food! And once again, it was so good!
It started raining again tonight! We were going to get a tuk tuk, but Ryan wanted to stop by the tour operator, and book a guide for a hike up the volcano Pacaya! So we walked in the rain, Anaya was holding her little hand out, and looking at us like, "What are we doing, what is this stuff?" It wasn't too bad, so we went to the bakery for pan de banano(banana bread)! Then Ryan booked his tour!! He and the 3 older boys leave tomorrow at 6 a.m. and it will be a whole day adventure! They were told there are horses there, if they want to ride up! Of course, they do, but we will see what the day brings! This IS an active volcano, so please join me in praying for their safety! I know it will be okay, people do it all the time, but, they are MY babies!!! I actually think it sounds like fun, and one of those once in a lifetime experiences, but~ I am not going with the 2 little ones, so we will have to live vicariously through them!
This is NOT the volcano they are climbing, this is volcano Agua, and it usually doesn't show up in my photo's, but it did tonight, so I am posting it! The volcano they are climbing is smaller than this one! I believe there are 37 volcanoes in Guatemala (which is roughly the size of Ohio!) Oh how I wish everyone could come and see this beautiful land!
We got word today that we were submitted to the US Embassy on Monday, and we have Anaya's 2nd DNA scheduled for Thursday. I wish it were sooner, but at least we can see a light at the end of the tunnel! They say that it takes roughly 10 days for the DNA to go to the lab in the U.S. and back to the Embassy, then, within a few days, the Embassy will issue our PINK slip ~which has the date of the visa appointment on it~ they have been scheduling about a week out, so we still have a few weeks, however the end is near!!! We are truly enjoying ourselves, and when I look into Anaya's big brown eyes, I do know we did the right thing! I just hate to see the boys get sad! But they are doing well, and we are going to enjoy the rest of our time here in Guatemala!


Lee said...

What an amazing family! Stacy, you are so incredible! Be blessed these next few days together. We love you guys and are praying. I think Mike is going to be SO jealous of that hike. Maybe the N's and VZ's will have to take a families trip back to GUA for a little visit and hike together. :) Praying for you and rejoicing on all the submissions! :)

steph said...

Hi guys!
We miss you so much. Hurry up and get back here would you! I can't wait to play some football and trade cards again when you come home. We can't believe you ate rabbit! Yuck! Bryce caught a baby rabbit in the yard, but after a minute it hopped out of his hands. We're glad you get to see your sis but your not allowed to leave this long again!! (or we come with) Tay and Rylie had a ballet program Sat. and did a really good job. Can't wait to see you soon and love you tons!!

Taylor, Bryce, Rylie and Brayden

bushfamily said...

Hey, Good to see you all back together again! What a special time. We'll be praying for a very soon visa appointment! Can't wait to see you all.

Ferrick said...

AMEN to ORANGE!!!! Congrats. Glad you are all together again, God is so good in providing. Again, I truly enjoy keeping up with your blog. I look forward to it every morning. Cant wait to hear you are coming home. Susie

Patty said...

Congratulations on getting to "Orange". We are continuing to pray for your safety as well as a soon return home for all of you. It's been great getting to know Anaya through your blog but we can't wait to meet her in person.

Great suprise for the boys Ryan!

Paul & Patty Barnes