Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 14...................................

Well, we got Easton's ride fixed, so we went on a long walk today! We started out by walking to La Merced, a huge beautiful church! On the way, we decided we (Steph and I) needed an iced coffee drink, so we stopped at a little cafe & ice cream shop, when steph stepped in front of the stroller to order, some lady stole our diaper bag out of the stroller bottom!! Some guy said something to Steph, and she said "ah no hablo espanol!" But he pointed out the door and up the street, and went and told someone else. We didn't think much of it at the time, but Dylan saw that girl looking at the stroller, and when the guy was pointing up the street, he saw that girl going that way, and looked at our stroller, and said, "I think that girl took something out of our stroller!" And sure enough, our diaper bag was gone!! The weird thing is, that the girl was a college aged Asian girl! We think she thought it was a purse or something with money in it, but she was probably quite disappointed to find only a diaper, baby food, and wipes! I know better than to put anything valuable any where other than on my person!! I am kinda bummed though, because it was cute! Oh well, I guess she thought she needed it more than we did! We fed Anaya table food, and she didn't need her diaper changed until we got back, so, no harm done!!

The blue building in the back ground is our favorite restaurant. It is Cafe Sky, and it has the most amazing view of Guatemala! The only problem is the first time we went there with Ryan, Jayden spilled a thing of syrup down the front of him, and this time Spencer spilled his chocolate ice cream (which comes on the waffles?) down the front of him!! The same little waitress has been there and waited on us both times, and as it is a small establishment,(and a bar) and during the day we have been about the only ones in the place, so it was rather embarrassing to be once again asking for "mas serviette's por favor!!" "Lo siento "~ is a phrase we use A LOT! I'm sorry my kid walked into you, I'm sorry my kid spilled all over the floor, I'm sorry we take up the entire side walk, etc....... Thankfully, they look at us and smile and shake their heads in understanding!

Here is a little glimpse of the volcano from Cafe Sky, and below from the front of our condo complex, you still can't see the top though in either picture unfortunately! But you can see the cobblestone streets in the bottom one. While they are cool to look at and know they are so very old, it is treacherous to walk on! And I am amazed at the beautiful guatemalan ladies who wear high heals and gracefully make their way down the street, or the extremely poor people, and children who go bare foot on down it!!
Here we are in front of La Merced church! The picture doesn't do it justice! It is so beautiful, both inside and out!
We had a great Mothers day, and I was so happy to be here and spend it with all of my kids in Antigua(and my sister!)but, I was also very aware of the fact that there is another mother out there who is very much without her daughter, and said a few prayers for Candelaria, Anaya's birth mom today too! What an amazing sacrifice she made, so Anaya could have a life free from the pain of poverty! Every day we pass people, and children with their cups out begging for money, and every day we give the kids all of our loose change to toss into their cups, but its never going to be enough! It is so sad, but they light up and smile the biggest grin when the boys give anything to them! Thank you Lord for our lot in life, and may we never forget the needy around us where ever we go!

We miss Ryan, and when we talked to him today, we found out that he had another kidney stone attack last night! Poor guy drove himself to the hospital! So please pray for him too, that there will be no more!! I also want to thank Mike and Lee for helping him out today! You guys are great!! Love and miss you all!


Lee said...

It is a privledge to know and love you guys. ((HUG))
Brendan just woke up and we were sitting on the couch together and he said, "Hey, I have a friend, Easton." We talked about you guys and I explained (again) that E, S, J, and D were picking up their sister in GUA. He just loves that they will be the same. A little sister to love.
Mike talked ALL about seeing Anaya yesterday. Lucky duck. We can't wait to get ya'll home. Praying for that Passport.