Monday, May 5, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos Anaya!!!!!

We had a wonderful day today, we went out to breakfast at an awesome little place with a gorgeous view! A definite must for visitors(you'll have to come back Jen!) Then we went to the Casa Santo Domingo, a very old monastery, turned into a hotel, and walked the beautiful grounds there! Someday, we will stay there! It is beautiful! Then we went to la bodegona and got a few more groceries. Ryan wanted to buy a chicken, and kill it, and eat it!!(see picture below of chickens for sale!) I wanted frozen packaged chicken, but we went home with neither! I miss Meijer! Then we came home, went swimming, ate lunch, and took a nap!! This is the life!

We had Anaya's party in the evening after we went to Subway, which we finally found after walking around for a long time. It did not help that Anaya tore my map in three pieces. So finally after supper and another trip to yet another grocery store where we finally found frozen chicken that looked safe, and another hilarious tuk tuk ride we arrived safely back at the condo. The boys helped Anaya open her gifts, and we sung Happy birthday to her in english, and in spanish! We also ate the birthday cake I made for her, minus any writing (can't find the stuff here)and with a very large candle, because I couldn't find the one pink candle I put into one of the suitcases! But we still had a fun little party for her!

I have given up trying to keep her safely on the blanket! There is tile EVERYWHERE!! Now she is EVERYWHERE!! So hopefully she will not nail her head too bad, as we are hoping for all of the boys! Poor Spencer has hit his head almost everyday on our walks, the bars on the windows all stick out at about his level, and he doesn't watch where he is going too well! I added a picture of the window bars on my favorite street in Antigua!


Anonymous said...

I don't think very many days have gone by that your pictures and now your sweet happy birthday song haven't brought a few tears.

Your updates are encouraging even in the midst of this time of questioning from time to time. I'm praying big blessings for your family. Just started reading I Samuel and reminded how good it is to cry out to God in times of despair. I know you've done it many times in this past year.

What can we do to minister to Ryan during this time of grief with his family? I'm pretty sure he's already gone but we pass on our thoughts to you guys.

Say hello to Steph! Matt and Michael went out hunting this morning.

I'm hoping to get Arend on soon, whenever we get a minute at home! How precious you have no schedule over there, what a release that must be from our busy lives here. It makes coming for a visit look very inviting!

Love to all

Ferrick said...

Happy Birthday again sweet Anaya from your friends in Michigan. We cant wait for you to get home so that you can play with your HH friends Bella and Ana. Blessings, Susie
p.s. We keep praying and believing for that BC of yours!

Laura said...

Just heard the amazing news! Praise the Lord! I was praying so hard for the BC for Anaya's birthday but today will do too!

Great news! Congratulations!