Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally some pictures of Anaya!!

Well, it has been a long wait, and it isn't over yet, however, she is our baby, and we can now post her face on our blog! The photo album on the previous blog, is of the update photo's we received each month, as we waited to hold Anaya in our arms once again!! Here are some of the pictures from the past week, as we were able to hold her again! What a sweet time of bonding this has been! We are so thankful to God for finally releasing her birth certificate to us, and we will continue to pray for a smooth and speedy trip home, but for now we are celebrating our baby girl!

This is the first time I got a peek at her when we walked into her room, and she was sleeping so sweetly, I LOVE the thumb in her mouth, along with the finger touching her top lip, she does this all the time, and it melts my heart each time she does it!! I quickly snapped a picture, and then gently picked her up! It felt soooo good to hold this sweet little baby once again! I was sobbing, and she was a tad confused, but she didn't seem to mind! She loved the boys, each one came bearing gifts for her, and she thought they were pretty cool! The problem was I had to share!! They all wanted to hold her so bad, so eventually I let them!

And a few more...

This is Easton's first time holding his little sister!! She is enjoying it as much as he is!!

This is her first taste of a McDonald's french fry, with ketchup still on her face, she seems to like them!

Crawling all over the condo!

We are hoping to go tomorrow, and get her passport, we will keep everyone updated on the process, and progress as we figure it all out. From what I have seen, it seems to be about a month from b.c. to visa appointment, so we shall see!! For now we are so excited to have the end coming near! Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes for her, we so love to get your emails and comments!! And thank you for continuing to hold us up in prayer, we still need it!! Love to you all!


Lee said...

Okay, that's it. I'm crying at my computer and praising God before my first cup of coffee is in. *sniff*
Love and blessings to you. She is beautiful. And has Vander Zwaag written all over her. :) You are so blessed. (((((HUG)))) Now come home so she can meet her best friend, Gabi.
Praying you home, with tears down our cheeks.

Anonymous said...

Praising God with you!!!! You all look so perfect together. Love&blessings- Karin Nienhuis-Meeuwsen

Dorothy said...

Pastor Mark sent his update and mentioned a "blog"...well I went looking. I'm SO GLAD to find it/you. I called Maggie in and told her your news. She was jumping up and down and yelling "yea" and I was/am all teared up. We cried through your photo album together. She's beautiful. :) WE REJOICE WITH YOU!!! and look forward to having you ALL back in Michigan soon.

Love, Dorothy for all the Mouls

Anonymous said...

Praise God! What a wonderful birthday gift for Anaya and Mother's Day gift for you Stacy!

Now we are waiting to meet her in person!

Patty Barnes

bushfamily said...

She is so beautiful...and all yours! We are so incredibly excited for you, tears rolling down my face as I see you hold her! What a lucky girl to have four big brothers who love her!
See you soon!! Paul and Marcie