Saturday, December 20, 2008

About 4 hours....

Is the amount of sleep we got last night thanks to the little girl in red below!!! I don't know what her problem was but she did not want to sleep last night at my parents house. She is quite...

The little stinker! We are home tonight and hoping she doesn't feel the need to play in the wee hours of the night like she did last night, because I know we are not going to be in the mood!!
Easton and one of his favorite people in the world ~ Grama Great!

Rylie and Brayden enjoying the punching balloons ~ always a "hit!!" But can cause a bit of ruckus, like spilled pop!~oops!

The kids coloring ~ a nice quiet activity! Thanks Grama!!

We had a great time tonight with my moms side of the family for our annual Christmas party, and I didn't want to have to be the first to leave, however, I dreaded having to drive home in the "snow storm" on only 4 hours of sleep! So I loaded up on some Diet Coke and went on my merry way! Well, it didn't turn out to be so bad after all. It took a while longer but thankfully I am not afraid of winter driving! My biggest fear used to be our driveway, now even that has not been an issue since receiving the gift of snow tires! I haven't even had to do the "run around!" Now I am home and I can't sleep due to the Coke!! Ryan had to go check out his brothers BIG BUCK, so he is still not home!(and of course the boys had to go see it too so~we may have some sleepy boys on our hands tomorrow!)


Ferrick said...

your posts are always so entertaining Stacy. Merry Christmas, Anaya is a wonderful bundle of joy. Dressed to the tea as always. blessings, Susie