Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anaya's first time playing in the snow!

It was funny first of all to see her all dressed up in her snowsuit, she looked like a big pink marshmallow and could hardly walk, which made her mad!! Once outside she was fine until...

We sat her in the sled! She was not liking that one bit! So I took her out and we sat and watched everyone else go down the hill a few times. Then I grabbed her and we tried it again. This time there were no tears and she actually was giggling when we went down the hill! The next time we went she was loving it!

Gabi, Anaya and I
The boys all piled up!
& Anaya and Gabi
Our friends Mike and Lee invited us over to go sledding. It was Anaya's first time sledding, and I think it may have been Lexi's first time too(unfortunately I failed to get a picture of her sweet little face!)They both loved sledding down the hill. Riding in the sled was another story it made Anaya very nervous~probably because she saw what happened to poor Lexi when Mike first started pulling her!!! We all had a great time today! Thanks guys!!


Eric and Michelle said...

Looks like such fun

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun. It's been a while since I went sledding but I have many fond memories of the days I spent sledding.

Thanks for keeping the blog updated, its fun to see how you are doing.