Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Las Posadas!

We went to a Las Posadas celebration at church tonight! Las Posadas is a Mexican holiday tradition which lasts for 9 nights!! We just did one! We went around with Maria y Jose (Mary and Joseph) and the donkey=)looking for a place to stay, and all of the Posadas(inns) were full so we finally ended up at one that allowed us in(Church!) There we listened to the Christmas story in both english and spanish, ate some authentic Mexican food, sang Christmas songs in english
and spanish and had a pinata!! It was a lot of fun, although I doubt there ever was a Las Posadas celebration with 2 feet of snow on the ground!

Anaya with Mary and Joseph ~ Carmen and Matt!
Spencer, Jayden and Dylan all took a whack at the pinata, Easton didn't want to do it!

This is Fred and Beto, Beto and his brother just came here from Mexico and their family helped put this party together! Thanks Dorothy we had a great time!!
The candy clean up crew!! It only took a few seconds and it was all scooped up!

Jayden and his stash!


Eric and Michelle said...

Love the pic in the snow of you and Anya