Monday, December 22, 2008


Spencer ready to hit the bunny hill!!! After a few falls he was a bit frustrated~which did not surprise me, I gave him a pep talk before we went out because I know how he gets if he doesn't do something perfectly the first time!!
We finally decided to let him up the ski lift and down one of the bigger hills.

Poor Jayden could hardly see, his hat kept sliding down over his eyes!! But yet, he smiles!!
Spencer loved the ski lift!

This is pretty much how we went down the bigger hills! I did not trust him to slow down enough to be in control!
I love that little face! Below is the only picture of Dylan, he was with his friends all day! I only saw him a few times... they never even stopped to eat! We got there at 1pm and they left at 7pm(I left with the 2 younger boys a bit earlier)and only stopped to go to the bathroom once! While I am happy he has friends and loves to be with them it was a bit weird to let him just go off with his friends! So sad my baby is growing up too fast!!

We went skiing today with some of the youth group kids. This was Spencer's first time skiing so we spent a lot of time on the bunny hill. After the first time down the bunny hill Spencer pointed at the big hill and said "can I do that one now?" I said "I don't think so!!!" When we finally decided to let him tackle the "big one"(easy hill~no black diamonds!)I had him between my skis, because he still hadn't mastered the snow plowing thing and would have gone down full speed ahead! (which is what he would have rather done I am sure!!) It was a fun day and no one was injured~not even Ryan, my non snow skiing husband (he likes to water ski, which I hate) But we will both be feeling it tomorrow I am sure!