Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That's twice!

I love winter, however since we moved~I have had a love/hate relationship with the snow! I guess it is not as much the snow as it is my driveway.

Or probably it would be more accurate to say that it is my van that is the problem, since I did have trouble with a back road about a week ago(right girls?!) Anyhow, last night I found myself stuck, once again in our driveway!! To fully understand the issue of course you would have to actually see our driveway(the picture just doesn't do it justice) but let me just tell you it is STEEP! It is a sight to behold I am sure, but I seriously have to do a drive around the service station that is at the bottom of our driveway(just to the left of the trailer)to get up enough speed to make it up the driveway~every time in the winter!! Annoying!! Well, I made it pretty far up, but then started sliding backwards and sideways! Ryan was able to finally get me out with the help of his truck. The last time Gary "drove it right out" for me~Thanks so much!!(But I did try, seriously, it is not fun to drag 5 kids up the driveway with heels on!!) Anyway, the last time Gary said he was going to check into getting me some snow tires!! And today they put them on for me!! YAY!! We were able to drive right up tonight without doing the run around the station!! Thank you so much Gary and guys that is a huge blessing!
Today the boys made targets to shoot at with their bb guns before they went outside! Check out Easton~he is such a goon! He wanted to be "naked on top" today, why not!

Today was a sad day. Nearly 6 months to the day of coming home from Guatemala, I finished off the last of my Guatemalan coffee! I think it is high time I go back to get some more!!


MamaTod said...

I understand Stacey! You've seen my hill. After nearly freezing my toes off one hike because I was wearing cute open-toe shoes, I always have boots in the car if I'm dressed up! LOL Groceries can be hauled up by eager beaver helpers using sleds too.