Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My 2 adorable birthday boys!
My awesome husband opening his "good" gift!

Jayden decorated the cake all by himself! Unfortunatly all I had in the form of writing frosting was white, and I didn't realize it until after I had the cake frosted!!

I took Jayden out to eat at McDonalds today for lunch! It is so much fun to have just one on one time with each kid! Usually since it is Ryans Birthday too, he gets to take him out, but today Ryan let me be the one! He is the best!

Today is Ryan's birthday!! It is also Jaydens birthday!! On Friday it is Spencer's birthday!! Dylan's is on valentines day and Eastons is right around the half birthday of Ryan in June. Even Anaya was born on cinco de Mayo!! I attribute all of these "holiday" birthdays to the fact that I know how to give good gifts!!! I mean a son for your birthday~what more could you want!! Ryan didn't think he was getting anything this year, but when I handed him his gift he was all smiles~until he felt the box and realized there were clothes inside~then he said "OH, it's clothes." Well, there were clothes inside, but also a gift card to Barnes and Noble and one of his shirts has camouflage on it so over all he was happy with his gift this year too! Jayden on the other hand was THRILLED with his gift! All he wanted for his birthday was a DAISY! bb gun of course! Ryan gets the credit for that gift though. I don't mind, I love that he takes the boys out and spends so much time with them. He is the best husband and daddy and I am so blessed to have him!


Ferrick said...

Happy Birthday Ryan and Jayden! Susie