Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Parties 2008

My family gathered for Christmas on Christmas Eve. We all spend the night at my parents every year and open gifts Christmas morning! This year my sister and her husband who live in Chicago, are expecting a baby any day now so they were not able to be there!(everyone talked to them on the phone, but it wasn't the same!!) We missed you Jen and Eric!! I am waiting for the call!!

After we have breakfast we read the Christmas story and then open gifts. Then we make pea soup and do a puzzle!! This is the one and only time I do a puzzle each year~I hate puzzles!

We left my parents after getting all of our stuff in the van and headed over to a hotel for our family Christmas! Every year around Christmas we go to a hotel with the kids and do our family party. We usually get pizza, have a birthday cake for Jesus and open gifts, but we were minus a pizza this year because we actually did it on Christmas and there was not one pizza place open!! Good thing I brought lots of snacks!!

The gift we got for the boys was a big hit!! Anaya got her own cell phone, maybe she'll leave ours alone! We actually got her and Easton a play kitchen (I convinced Ryan it was OK for Easton to play with a kitchen~as long as it wasn't pink) we finally put it together tonight, it only took about 3 hours to assemble!!(I read online it took some 4 hrs. ~I failed to mention that to Ryan before we got it!)

Then on the day after Christmas we went to Ryan's brothers house and spent the night! The next day we had a huge lunch with his family and then we opened presents. We were going to go snowmobiling, but it was raining! YUCK! But we had a great time anyway! Thanks Lisa, it was fun!!

Anaya and her Bitty Baby!!
What an incredible Christmas we had, we are so blessed, but the best gift of all will always be Jesus!!


Pastor Mike said...

Dear Ryan and Stacy

I much prefer to send written notes, but I saw your “blogspot” address and thought I would have dear Barb (my Exec. Asst.-the mirror image of our beloved Becky-she told me to say that-not really-but she really is an outstanding woman of God) send this to you. I really love your Christmas picture. How your boys have grown, little Anaya is as beautiful as her new mom and you look as handsome and young as ever. I pray for you all the time and hope you are greatly cherished by your flock because you are by us….I pray these next few years are filled with a great sense of fulfillment and fruitfulness in all areas of your life, but especially in your “grace walk”! You are an unusually wise and gifted young man (well young from my perspective). Dream a big dream for God’s glory and trust Him to direct (YAWSHAR) your path.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Mike

P.S. We will send you a Christmas. New Year card out in the beginning of next year with a picture of my new staff and deacons.

P.S.S. I hear First has a new Pastor- May God give him much good success