Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Spencer!!

Spencer was the "special student" today so he got to help Mrs. Elenbaas!

Go Spencer Go! Hula hooping in gym class! Ryan was the helper this morning so we got some shots of Spencer in action at school!

opening gifts ~ I think he likes it!

Jayden and Spencer opened the gifts from Uncle Robb and Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jonny and Aunt Sarah and Grampa and Grama VZ today as well. Thanks Guys!! They loved all of their gifts!

We have been trying to get all of the kids together for Grampa and Gramas Christmas picture for a while now, and finally we got it done. We got all the kids lined up and took a nice picture(it took about 10 pictures to finally get everyone looking!) Then Ryan came out of the bathroom with Spencer...OOPS! We didn't even realize he wasn't in the picture until we saw him! So we had to gather all of the kids back up and do it over again. Then poor Rylie got kicked in the face(accidentally!) just before we took the picture! Having Chuckie in the picture was not their first choice for a background, but the kids were all there and we called it "good enough!" Besides this one will certainly be memorable!