Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin carving!

Spencer picked the biggest pumpkin!

Jayden working hard on his masterpiece!

Easton giving his a kiss before bed! Yes he has his christmas p.j.'s on!!
Spencer and Dylan getting out the gunk! I love that they are old enough to do it themselves!!

Anaya eating the gunk! Yes, she was scooping it in her mouth as fast as she could! Luckily she wasn't getting much, but YUCK! And yes, there is a knife right by my baby, but she was so into her pumpkin, she was never in danger!!!

We let each of the kids pick out their own pumpkins, and carve them by themselves,(I used to make Dylan get the biggest, and go down from there, and I liked everyone to have a face, but...) Dylan chose to do 3 crosses,(so cool) Jayden did a face on one side, and a cross with the name JESUS, but I had to help a little on that, otherwise they did it all on their own. Spencer wanted a little help, and of course I had to do Easton and Anaya's. It was fun, Ryan cleaned some of the seeds, and we roasted them!
On a side note, today is my Dad's Birthday!! Happy birthday Dad~We love you!!


Ferrick said...

Tis good to check in on my friends and see joy. :) Thanks for all your prayers and support. susie

Eric and Michelle said...

very cool. Our family is set to this venture on Thursday.