Saturday, August 13, 2011


I was blessed to be able to spend a few days with my girls, my mom, sisters and nieces this week in Chicago! 

Oh, and my little nephew Josiah!  LOVE this baby!  I love almost all babies, but he is so incredibly sweet, and he LOVES it when I kiss him and gnaw on his chubby checks!  That's my favorite kind of baby, chubby and happy to be mauled by me!

I LOVE Chicago.  I love to see all of the beautiful details on some of the old buildings, I find the city to be so fascinating!
My sister was staying downtown at the Trump, so we crashed at her house and visited with her at the hotel each day.

My mom and oldest niece Taylor, held a cute little tea party for the younger kids! 
Complete with fans and fancy napkins.
They had a ball!
I caught Lucy peeking during prayer.

drinking their 'tea' {koolaid}
The girls sword fighting with their fans
Jen finishing off the 'tea,' so lady like!!
See the circular building in the background?  That was the parking garage, and we would get nearly dizzy as we whipped around those curves, we had a good laugh every time we went in or out.
 We got soaked on the way back from dinner, nice huh?  It was fun though, we ran and laughed the whole way!
Me, Steph and Jen
I love my sisters, and I am so glad my girls have each other as well!
While there, I was able to make a trip to IKEA and pick out a few things for the house.  It was very exciting!