Monday, August 1, 2011

Rodeo for Ryan...

{Not MY Ryan} but for our dear friends Ryan and Kendra Prudhomme.  Please join us this Saturday, August 6, from 3 to 8 pm at Grace Adventures Paradise Ranch in Mears!
Ryan Prudhomme is 25 years old and is fighting a battle for his life. Diagnosed in April 2011 with Stage 4 liver bile duct cancer, this dynamic young man has received what can only be described as life changing news. Husband to his beautiful bride, Kendra and father to their one year old son, Colton, Ryan has not allowed his diagnosis to steal his hope or rob him of joy.

Ryan and Kendra have blogged this journey for family, friends, and strangers around the world and are proving to be an inspiration for deeper trust in the source of their hope: Jesus Christ. Ryan has described receiving this terminal diagnosis with hope and a new vision he describes as "high definition." Ryan is prioritizing his life around loving his Savior, his family and sharing the hope he has with unabashed enthusiasm and great clarity. Ryan is receiving treatment at Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago, IL and the Prudhomme's have been blessed with great care and doctors who are hopeful. Kendra was recently laid off due to the sweeping cuts to Michigan education and while they've received the news with certainty of the Lord's providence it does now create a financial need in the area of medical, travel, and household bills.We are convinced that as a community of family, friends, and faith, we can help meet Ryan and Kendra's needs during this time.  Won’t you “Cowboy Up!” with us for the young Prudhomme family?  There are a myriad of ways to help!
GIVE!  COME! ROCK!  PRAY!  Or better yet- Do all four!
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