Saturday, August 13, 2011

update on Lisa...

 I know that several people happen upon my blog in an attempt at finding out how my sister in law is doing.  So, here is the latest and greatest directly from Lisa herself!

GREAT NEWS!!  My scans looked excellent.  Hardly anything was lit up....which means hardly any cancer tumors to be found!!  So.....this means 3 months of just Herceptin and NO chemo!!!  Yeah and PTL!!!  This will give me time to recoupe and get all my blood counts back up again.  The doc hopes to see the same scan results in 3 months.  We talked with him about what to expect in the future and he said there WILL be cancer spots appearing again.  At that time we will hit them with the newest and greatest!  :-) But for now, we are going to enjoy the new me and maybe grow some hair!!!

We are praising the Lord for these results!