Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a week....

We found out Monday that the drywall guys were able to work at the house this week and NOT next week as we had thought, SO...That began a flurry of events which included ripping out the messed up drywall in Dylan and Jayden's room, and Ryan and Aaron finishing up the electrical Monday night I should say early Tuesday morning!!  But, the good news?  The electrical passed inspection, and now Aaron can return to his family!  There is an added benefit to having your perfectionist friend do your electrical, he ended up going above and way beyond what we were planning because of his perfectionism and we now have all new electrical wires throughout our house! Thank You Aaron!

Tuesday brought a day of more framing, installing insulation and clearing everything out of the house; another late night!   Look who got stuck doing the demo and insulation...unskilled labor, it's the only thing I am capable of!
Speaking of unskilled labor...*funny story*
Ryan let the little boys help him frame, they pounded the nails in all by themselves, and were pretty proud of their work.  When we put the frame in it's place, the 2x6's were a tad,  ok, so it looked like the leaning tower of Pisa!  The bottoms were right, but the tops were about 2 inches off!  And the funny thing is, my husband was going to leave it!  Christian, our contractor came in and said, "Oh my, I am not seeing this, turn the lights off!"  {That is what Ryan said ("turn the lights off") the last time he framed and Christian came to inspect his work!(let's just say...Ryan is not a perfectionist:)}  His excuse was that drywall would cover it, it was sturdy, and the boys built it.  But when the next guy came in and said "Oh my, what happened here?"  and explained to Ryan that someday, someone may want to find the stud at one point and try to follow that up and...find no stud up there!  Thankfully, he decided to fix it!

Ryan's parents have been busy helping out as well!  Notice Jayden peeking through the hole!
 Ryan is still finishing up framing and we need to finish the plumbing this week as well.
Drywall was delivered on Wednesday and they started hanging it today! 
It is starting to turn the corner, things are really taking shape!


Paula P. said...

We love following your old home project! It makes it seem like you live next door, and we' re popping in daily :) and as much as we love your old house...we LOVE seeing the kids more :) God has blessed you!
Hannah moves back to college tomorrow (2nd year), but she continues to check in on your blog! Cam is a senior,but once in a while I catch him looking over my shoulder at your pictures...and that usually leads to a "I remember when..." :) We look forward to running into you soon, but until then, we'll get our "updates" from your blog.