Thursday, August 11, 2011


Easton lost his first baby tooth last weekend!  My baby boy is growing up!  He is pretty proud of his new look, he had been wiggling that poor little tooth for a long time!

Here is another first...
Our first house warming gift!  And yes, that is a horse!

Our friend Krista's family donated 2 cute miniature horses for the Rodeo for Ryan benefit auction.  Ryan (my husband) told Krista that he was interested in buying one. While at the Rodeo on Saturday night, our friend Barb told us she was going to buy us this cute little miniature horse as a house warming gift.  

Well, when the first horse went to Barb, our friend Krista bid on horse #2 because she didn't see Ryan bidding on it and thought he would want it, so she bought horse #2 for us.  Afterwards, we found out we were the new owners of horse #1 and horse #2!  Too funny, we laughed so hard, we have never owned a horse before, so this is definitely another first!
We paid for the horse Krista bid on for us and she was gracious enough to keep the horses for us until we are ready for them!  The kids are super excited, Easton, Anaya and Lucy will be able to ride them in a few months, how funny will that be!  Apparently they will only be a little bit bigger than they are now.  Can't wait to see horse #2.  We have yet to name them...I am sure this isn't the last you will hear about them!