Saturday, August 6, 2011

Demolition week 1...

 The boys are LOVING demo!!

removing the drop ceiling tiles...
Look at how much height we gained, so glad we did this!

Jayden found 2 hammers in the ceiling!

My brother in law Matt came up and power washed the garage.  Thank you Matt!!
I took these down right away, there was one on every tree out front!  Talk about unwelcoming!  We figure no trespassing is a given, and those who want to do so, well, they aren't going to stop because of a sign!
taking down the bulkheads...
lots of old wall paper...

Kitchen before the walls came down and after!


Thanks to all of our hard working helpers!
 This paint was supposed to be scrapped and sanded, however, it peeled off like wall paper in large sheets!
 We took off the subfloor they had put on upstairs and we are going to paint the floors.

We got a ton done this week and it looks a lot worse, but I guess that's the way it goes in the world of home renovation!  Plumbing, heating, and electrical are up next!!

After pulling nails and working so hard on the new house, we went home and Spencer got his finger caught in between his bike chain and sprocket, so we made a trip to the ER!  Nothing was broken and he didn't even need stitches, though he will loose his nail and has a couple of nasty cuts, they cleaned it all out and bandaged it up and sent us on our way 2 and a half hours later...!  Oh, well, we are thankful he is fine!


Stephanie said...

How exciting! That house is going to be beautiful by the time you are done with it. What great memories for the boys, too. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Congrats!

Julie said...

That is so amazing and wonderful you are letting the kids help you in the process of demo and repairing the house. What a life lesson! And...what an opportunity to gain confidence and take ownership over their new home. You guys are such a cool family!

Let me know if ever you need someone to watch the girls. :-) I know Alexander would be thrilled to play with them again.