Saturday, August 20, 2011

We have a tub!

I have been doing lots and lots of patching and sanding of walls, I think I could continue doing this for like...forever.  They are so bad!  I will have to stop at some point, but for now I am trying to even out the waves, and patch the dents and scratches.
 We have heat runs to the second level, and some framing done as well.
 My friend Laurie called me this week and said "I have always had a fantasy of knowing what it is like to parent 12 children, could I borrow your 6 to add to my 6?"  Umm, sure, but you are crazy!  She ended up with like 18 at one point, and even made them cookies and took them swimming!  Thanks Laurie, they had a blast, and I enjoyed working without checking on kids every few minutes!
  2 tiny horses in my yard!
 The lunch room, {aka our garage}
 This is my next project, {besides the walls} the porch!  Scrape, sand's a beast, but it is fun when friends stop by to help!  Thanks to all who have spent time with me on the porch, feel free to visit with me there when the work is done too!
We are seeing progress each day, and it has been fun to see who God brings to help us.  I was telling Ryan that it would be helpful to have more orbital sanders, and what did our friend bring over today?  2 orbital sanders!  Thanks Eric, but really Thanks God, because Eric had no idea I needed it, just had extras and thought maybe we could use them!!  So cool.


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun today thanks for letting me come out today