Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 36........................................

I love the look on her face, she knows that when she pushes them over, she will be scared half to death, yet she proceeds to knock them down! She is such a funny girl! I tried to capture "the rest of the story" in pictures, but she was looking down, and you can't see her face! Notice her legwarmers(they are inside out in order to save them from being ruined, as I only have one pair, for now!)these things have been lifesavers, or shall I say legsavers, with the tile floor! I need to stock up on them for this summer, they are great to protect those little legs! Which, I might add, have filled out a bit, since she has been with us!=)

The boys~ doing the dishes, I love how deep into their work they are! They get so wet, they have to take their shirts off, Spencer should have taken his shorts off, he got soaked! I think we should stick to Dylan and I washing, but these 2 like to do it, especially Spencer. He is my ultra competitive one, and if he dries, he "gets too far behind!" So he prefers to wash, so he can be done first!! Oh how they make me laugh! 5 different kids, 5 distinct personalities!! What fun!!
Unfortunately, with the rain, THIS is what we spend a lot of time doing ~ Absolutely NOTHING, but kicking back and being lazy! Anaya is an all terrain crawler now, she goes over any and everything! My how she has improved!!
I was looking for some more pictures, as we don't do much to photograph these days, and I found this one of Jayden, being like the ladies in town!! They carry everything on their heads, loads of fabric, laundry, huge baskets filled with all sorts of stuff, water jugs, etc... and most of the time, their hands are empty!!

I also found this video of Anaya cracking us all up by laughing so hard, you can't tell too much, but she was laughing so hard, and we couldn't figure out what was so funny!

Ahh the good old days, when the sun was shining, and we took a walk each day!!! I sooo miss that!

Well, no word on our DNA today, but Ryan is going to call the lab tomorrow, and see what the status is himself! I have so many pictures of this baby, I have half a mind to just march down there to the US Embassy, and say "look, can't you see, this IS the same baby, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out!" But, good thing the other half of my mind is stable, and I know it will all be over in short while, so I will just sit back, and wait some more!!!! Why is it though, when you are down to the wire, things seem to go in slow mo? Don't get me wrong, we are doing fine, but I feel as though these few last steps are taking forever! It has been almost 2 years since we started this whole process, and I am ready to get on with life!! Although I am certain that once we are back into the daily grind, I will long for the super lazy days in Antigua!!!

We are praying for a break in the rain, we need to get a few things(like birthday stuff for Easton!!) He turns 3 on Friday! I asked him what he wants for his birthday, and he said, "um, cake and ice cream!" So easy to please, I love it! We have a cake mix, and everything, but no ice cream, so it is necessary we get out and get that!! And somehow, I have to buy him a gift without him knowing! Good thing he is only 3, I think I can pull it off!!

Thanks for praying for us, we love and miss you all!!!


Sherry said...

If it helps any,it's been rainy here too! The boys were able to play out a little yesterday, but then the rain started, oh well!

I am gonna pray for that DNA before Friday! We don't want you to wait one more weekend! I'm a very impatient person, you have handled everything SO well Stacy. I think I would be at my wits end by now. I will have to get my hands on Ty's computer next week while we are on the bike trip so that I can check in on you!!
Hang in there!

Lee said...

:) We have rain too. :) Still praying for that DNA today. You are doing really well, Stac. We are so proud of you.