Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 47(I think?).....................

It is much more difficult to feed Anaya with out a kitchen, or a microwave! Good thing she isn't as picky about the temperature of her food, as she is with her bottles! Here she is eating green beans at room temp. YUCK! But, she doesn't seem to mind! For her bottles I had been heating them less and less at the condo, but she is definitely not liking them at room temperature yet!

I just love those big brown eyes!!
She is sleeping very well here too! I didn't know how it would go being in the same room as her, but she just lays down and falls asleep, sometimes she fusses for a bit,(like~um I know you are right there, why don't you pick me up?) but not too bad! Poor baby, she has been sleeping in a playpen for about 7 weeks now! I keep telling her that she has a very nice bed at home, and soon she will be in it!

This is the face I get if she sees me make her bottle, and then has to wait for it to get warm as it sits in the ice bucket filled with hot water!! (I have to buy a bottle of water, and can't just use the warm tap water.) I keep telling her that if she would just drink it at room temp, she wouldn't have to wait!!
She loves to crawl around and play with her toys! Unfortunately, she also loves to get into the garbage, the outlets,pull at the cords, etc...! Typical one year old stuff, so that is good!! I am a tad bit worried about the airplane ride home, she has no sit in her whatsoever, and I have seen her temper flare if she wants down, and I don't let her!! (It ain't pretty!) It could be a LONG few hours, and I pity my fellow passengers! So, if you would pray for us on Tuesday, that would be great! I would love to be able to post about what an awesome flight it was!! And one more thing, I have 2 hours and 15 min. between flights in Houston, and I DO NOT want to miss my flight to MI, so please pray we speed through customs and immigration! I think it will be enough time, but ya never know!!

We went to the mall today, and that was about it! Tomorrow, the goal is to find a grocery store, so I can get some food for her for on the plane! Other than that, we hang out in our room, where we sit and stare at eachother~gets very boring!! We can't wait to get home!!


jen said...

she's probably wondering where everybody went!!! :) is the hotel in a nice area to talk walks? go to the zoo or a park?

Ranae De Jonge said...

Stacy: Can't wait to see you and meet Anaya on Tuesday! I'm planning on being at the airport for this long awaited and prayed for homecoming.
I'll pray the flight goes smoothly and Anaya is particularly quiet and still that day. That is a long day for a baby, and her mother!
See you soon, love, Ranae

bushfamily said...

So sorry to hear you are bored. Not something a mother of 5! is used to!! Saw Steph today and was reminded how much you are missed here! We'll be praying for you on Tuesday, as I understand flying with one who cant/won't sit!!