Friday, June 6, 2008

HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy day! Yes, I wanted to write "Happy Birthday" but I couldn't get the B to look good, and I ran out of M&M's!(I bought 2 packages!!) So Happy Day it was! Easton turned 3, and we finally received word that our DNA results have been shipped out, and are on the way to the US Embassy! Which means it won't get there until Monday, and we are praying for a quick PINK, however quick usually is not synonymous with us and this adoption, so we will wait and see. But, I am very thankful to be this far, and baring any trouble, I can see an end in sight, and I am so excited to be done!!

We started the morning out singing "Happy birthday" and letting Easton open a gift! Well, I mean get it out of the bag! I didn't see any gift bags, nor birthday candles, on our recent trips out, so we just had to "deal with it!" He didn't mind!
It was another decent day again today, thank you Lord!! So we headed to the market! We got a few things, including this flute, for Easton!
Then we went to the awesomest McDonalds in the world! I really do (usually) hate McDonalds, but this place is so cool! Not to mention clean, and beautiful!! Easton and Jayden ordered Happy Meals, but Dylan and Spencer opted for more food, and each got 2 cheeseburgers! Yes, usually I have to order 5 cheeseburgers, and 10 chicken nuggets, for my 4 boys!(plus fries, and pop, and they are still young!!) We WILL go broke feeding these guys someday! =)

We came home from our walk, and baked the cake, they were so anxious for a piece, that we frosted it, and decorated it while warm, and had a small piece for "snack!"
Then while I was making dinner, Gretchen called, and invited us out to pizza, but instead, I invited her over for dinner, and cake and ice cream! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them, but Gretchen and Ana were there to help us celebrate Eastons birthday!! He opened his last little gifts, and we had our cake, and guess who DID NOT want ice cream? Easton! Here I made a special trip out to find good ice cream, because it was all he wanted~cake and ice cream, and he didn't even eat it! Oh well, it must mean birthday to him to have cake AND ice cream!!
We had a very nice day today! Easton got a few personal Skype calls, and phone calls wishing him a Happy Birthday! Thanks everyone for helping make his day special! We will celebrate more once we get home, and probably when Daddy gets here too, he's never had a birthday so good!Thanks for checking in on us! Also, one small request, since we probably won't get our appointment for Wed. like we had hoped,(though we can still pray to that end) we are going to try to stay here in Antigua. Please pray that we can stay in the house till the 13th! It will save us a TON of money, as we would have to get 2 rooms in the city with our large family, and if we don't have to be there yet, we would rather be here! We should hear back from the land lady tomorrow.


Sherry said...

Her it is 5:30 am and I just had to check on you real quick before heading off for "bike trip 2008" I am so glad that you have heard something about your DNA.

Now Kadie or Kathy if you are reading this and get more great news, please call your Mom so we can hear it too!!

I'll check in on you again next week! Pray for good weather. They are predicting chances of rain EVERY day.

Jack Miller said...

WOW!!! Such great news!!! We are celebrating with you...Praise God!!!
The Millers

Lee said...

Praise God! Come on Pink!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Easton!!

Kadie Verstrate said...

Ahhh.... PINK... is there a better color? Yahoo!

Kathy and I will make sure my mom, and the rest of the bike trip team, stay updated.

Ferrick said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EASTON! I know your family is so very glad you were born.

Second, never underestimate the power of God or what he has planned for you. "plans to prosper you and and not harm you". He said to "speak as though it were" and then believe him for it! Believing your PINK will come Monday with perfect housing arrangements based on God's perfect day for your USE Apt. This is is Stacy, your last wait! I remember the peace that brought me, waiting for the PINK was the last wait. And oh what God does in the waiting. Hugs, Susie