Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 41...........................................

Dylan, my photographer, decided to get a picture of himself! He is getting so big! He is so excited to go to camp!(I can't believe he is old enough to go off to camp!) He likes to look on the Internet at Google Earth, and track the route he will be taking from Guatemala to Atlanta to Chicago to Hart to Lake Ann!

Easton thinks his ice cream(left over from his birthday)is finger lickin good! Silly boy, won't eat it with his cake, yet couldn't get enough of it tonight!
Anaya, loves to have "wild rides!" She gets a little nervous at first, then cracks up laughing!
Spencer loves video games! He gets so into them, sometimes he gets so frustrated, I have to make him quit! After all, they are supposed to be fun, not stressful!
I love to see the intensity on their faces! Jayden looks pretty intense in this picture! I keep reminding them all of this video game stuff will not continue once we get home!!

Here is a little clip of Easton being funny!

"Clock says my tummy is full!" He always asks "why I go bed?" and unless he was naughty, the answer is always, "the clock says it is time for bed!" So when he was full, he went running over to the clock, and told me why he was full! So funny!

Well, not much going on today either! We had another decent day, the boys were able to get out and swim, and then it started raining again this afternoon!

Our DNA is still in Miami, as I assumed it would be. Tomorrow, I will have fun tracking it to Guatemala! We are praying for PINK by Tuesday! Of course Ryan is coming on Tuesday, and it would be so much fun to celebrate together!! Thanks for checking in!


Lee said...

Father, let today be the day the DNA arrives and tomorrow the Pink slip issued. Please, Lord.

The Gabrion's said...

Praying for a Pink slip soon so you will be able to return home and be a family in the US!! We miss seeing you all very much and can't wait until we can celebrate with you back in Michigan! Maybe we'll have to make a trip out to your place soon! :)

bushfamily said...

Praying for pink!! Can't wait to hear the good news that the ENTIRE VanderZwaag clan is back in MI!

steph said...

Hey guys! I just dropped Tay off at camp!! How crazy is that?!? She was pretty excited as I'm sure you are too Dylan. We're praying they have good weather. I'm so happy Ry gets to come and be with you again, and even happier that you boys are coming home! The kids are counting down every day. Missing you tons and praying for pink tomorrow!!! Boys, we'll see you Saturday!!! Yeah!!! Love you all.

jen said...

hEy stacy, i miss you! i'll try calling tomorrow sometime. we're in ft. lauterdale and all i can think about is HOW MUCH I WISH us girls were ALL TOGETHER HERE!!!!

i love you!