Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 48............................................

You are the city! Well, I don't know about that, but these signs are everywhere! We took a walk today, and went through one of the big hotels. Wow, there are some swanky places here! I still have not located a grocery store, I asked at the front desk, and well, she sent me to a store, but it was not quite a grocery store, it was more like a beer store, with VERY FEW groceries! I need some food to keep Anaya happy on the plane! But, I am sure I will find something, I still have most of the day tomorrow! I know I could take a taxi, and there are big grocery stores, but I prefer to walk, and haven't found one in walking distance yet!

This is the hotel we are staying at, Hotel Stofella, it is nice, nothing fancy! There are groups of people staying here on mission trips, and they all think Anaya is so cute, and want to take her home!! I don't think so!!(I think she is cute, but they can't take her!):) Today, I met a couple who are here visiting their daughter, and it makes me so incredibly thankful, I DON'T HAVE TO GIVE HER BACK!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

This is cranky baby! She is getting 2 more teeth, and boy is she crabby! I gave her some ibuprofen, but it didn't seem to help! She is drooling, and chewing on everything!(including her dress!) Poor baby!
We go pick up her visa tomorrow at 3:30!! Then that is it! We are finished, and coming HOME!! YIPPIE!!! Can't wait to get home and reconnect with everyone! Love to you all!


Don T said...

Hi Stacy & Anaya I hope you enjoy your last day in GC You guys are so missed by all of us back here at home. Can,t stand it any more so hurry HOME Dollface. We miss you so much. The boys are so funny,they were in the pool & freezzzing But loving too, to cold for Mom & I .just nice to have them around again.See Ya tomorrow night at 6:13 LOVE YA LOTS MOM & DAD T

Jennifer B said...


We are so excited to meet Anaya and see all of you together. It's almost hard to comprehend that the end is really very near.

Arend just wanted the guys to ride up to Hart yesterday so we stayed back. He was so excited to see Dylan. Michael said that the boys were doing great when he left and should have a great week together.

What an amazing adventure you have been on with the next chapter just a page away.

Prayers for a safe trip and a great homecoming!