Friday, June 13, 2008

It is almost finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the visa appointment went well this morning, and it was such a relief to have it over with!! I got a little nervous when the people ahead of me were asking their attorney, if they answered the questions right. But, when I went into the little closet like room, she asked where my husband was, to which I said "at the hotel with our other children." Then she proceeded to ask me about the other kids, and was laughing about Anaya needing to be spunky to put up with all the boys! And it was done! No real questions, nothing! Then, we had to wait some more, and then go to a window, and the lady there was asking me about my husband and where he was, and about the boys, and then talked about wanting a girl(she has a 23yr old son, and wants a granddaughter!)then she proceeded to tell me she loved my hair, and how she may have to fly to MI to get a haircut etc...then at the very end she said "Oh, I am supposed to have you raise your right hand and make you swear you are telling the truth!" So I did, and that was it!! So funny, not one serious question or anything, other than basic information! Yeah, I can handle that!! Now we just have to wait out the weekend, pick up our visa on Monday at 3:30, and we are home free!!(not at all free$$wise, but free from adoption being the main focus, and free to be a family once again!!!)
I will post pictures and more later, I just wanted to let everyone know all is well, except my family had to leave, which is always sad, but I will be there soon!! Love to all....................


Kadie said...

Praying for safe travels for all your boys and that you and Anaya have a wonderfullly quiet weekend, knowing that next weekend you will be HOME!
Hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and so ready to see all of you! You are in my prayers as you wait one final step. Well done Stacy

Love Ya
Jennifer B

jen said...

Hey Stacy! :) Hope you have internet still at the hotel. I'm sorry my webcam hasn't worked well lately. It's crazy. We miss you and love you. Call/email/skype anytime. HI YAH YAH!!!!!