Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 38...............................

Anaya was crawling on the boys, and I flipped her over so that we could see her face, and she wasn't too thrilled with that, but the boys thought it was funny!

It was another halfway decent day today, so we headed to the store, and got Easton a few small things to open, and he didn't even know! We were so sneaky!! If it is nice out tomorrow, we are going to go and see if anything at the market strikes his fancy! There is a store by McDonald's that sells balloons, and we may have to get one of those too!! He is so excited for cake and ice cream, and for us to sing "Happy birthday" to him! And we are excited too!!
I just love the color here! The buildings are painted such vibrant colors, it is a feast for the eyes!! This is a bank with only a small line out front. The other is a chicken bus up close and personal! These were all taken by Dylan in our tuk tuk ride home from the store! It was sprinkling and so the kids just NEEDED to have a tuk tuk ride!
This is one of the "whoahtay whoatay" corners! That is what the man who rides halfway out of the bus yells when they get to a corner, they stop for a few minutes, and yell "Whoatay whoatay!" We are not sure exactly what they say, but it sounds like that, and we have no idea what that means! Anyone out there know about this~it has perplexed us for a while now!!

Here we are, safe at home!!

Scary hair Yuckie!!
Dylan has been such a big helper! Today, we started to pack a few things up, and he was so excited, he hopped right into action! He assigned jobs to the boys, and when I came downstairs, they were doing it! It was so cute to see them working so hard packing up their games and toys, and backpacks! Hopefully they will continue, as we have a LOT of work to do yet, and most can't be done until the last minute! It is a little overwhelming, the thought of all that I have to do! We really settled in here for the last 6 weeks, and on Tues. morning, we are leaving our Antigua home, and moving to a hotel in Guatemala City. I usually need help in this area, as my mind goes into shut down mode, when there is a lot to do in a short amount of time!!
Well, I have no idea what the problem is, but our DNA still has not been shipped out!!(and of course, our agency has not given us any info, nor has the lab!) We are hoping they will get it out tomorrow, I don't know why everything has to take so much longer than normal for us, BUT there is one thing I have learned, and that is, that there is nothing I can do about it, so we will just rest in the fact that God knows, and He will take care of us, and our situation!! It is a good thing that my sister is able to check our email, as I will more than likely need her to tell me when we are PINK! Wow, we have waited soooo long for this, and I won't even be able to see it first! Oh well, Steph, I hope you are ready to sit at your computer ALL day long!=)
Ryan is coming in on Tuesday, and we are so excited! Please pray that the US Embassy will be fast at issuing us our pink email, and that they will switch our date, so that we can fly home as a family on Friday!! Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

I am praying, praying, praying! God brings you to my mind so often in a day...

Don T said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy Easton WOW you are the man of the day. Hope your having a GREAT DAY . LOVE & MISS you guys SOOOOO MUCH take care love Grams & Grampa T