Monday, June 16, 2008

Last post from Guatemala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what we got today! BEFORE,

This was only a few minutes AFTER, we were in the cab, and she was fine!! I always wanted to have my daughters ears pierced as a baby, I think it is so cute! But, since she is from Guatemala, it is especially important, as they pierce baby girls ears just after birth to show they are loved! Well my sweet Anaya, you are loved so very, very much!!
Ear's pierced, and a VISA!! What a great day! She looks just as excited about that thing as I am!
So this is what we've been waiting for? What is it anyway? Can I chew on it like everything else I find these days?
Wow, that was the longest "pregnancy and hardest delivery" I have ever experienced! Let me tell you, giving birth is a cakewalk compared to adopting! But, like labor and delivery, the pain does go away once it is over, and you forget about it, and enjoy the baby placed in your arms!! Thank you Lord for yet another beautiful, healthy child!!
So this is it, farewell Guatemala! I will always look back on this experience with the fondest of memories! We had an awesome time, and I will be forever grateful to God for the chance to come here, and experience this beautiful country Anaya was born in!! I am so excited to get home, and see you all again!! Thank you so much for your prayers through this whole process, we are so grateful for each one of you, and your support! Love to you all! Adios Amigos!


Stephanie said...


SO happy for you! I don't know what delivery is like, but I certainly agree with you that adoption is a LONG journey but so worth it in the end. I am so happy for you that this day has come and you get to take that long anticipated walk through the airport to your friends and family. I wish I lived closer to join in on the welcome home party! Praying for safe travels and for a happy traveling baby. Welcome home!

Ferrick said...

Ha!!!! Love it girl friend! Cant wait to see you walk off that plane. We plan to be there in the back ground to celebrate the end of this journey with you. The "three amigos" of AGCI, with our girlies home! So excited for you Stacy. Keep your heart, eyes and mind open. That moment of walking down the run way and seeing your family and friends waiting is priceless. The emotion of the moment is just like your wedding day and easy to become a blur. Just soak it all in. I will never forget the screams of congratulations. I couldn't see any one yet, but they could see us and we could hear them! Blessings on a perfect travel day home. Welcome Home Anaya, welcome Home! Susie

Eric and Michelle said...


My name is Michelle. I am an adoptive mother in postponement for Guatemala. A friend of yours referred me to your blog today after she visited mine. Traci said you had four boys and adopted your daughter from Guatemala. I also have four boys and am waiting for my baby girl from there. I also noticed you are with are we. Well I am very thankful to have found your blog and would love for you to visit mine sometime. Maybe we can get to know one another. Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL daughter coming home!!!!


Eric and Michelle said...

I hope you do not mind I added your blog to my blogroll so I can continue to follow your story :)

Eric and Michelle said...

Sorry it was Trish not bad