Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here's the latest..................

YAY!! Thanks for praying! We just received word that our appointment has been moved up to Friday, which was the best case scenario, as they do not do visa appointments on Thursdays!! So, we are moving out of our condo tomorrow morning, and going to a hotel in the city, as we have to meet with our agency on Thurs. and have our appointment early Friday morning. Ryan and the boys fly out Friday afternoon, and Anaya and I will stay the weekend, pick up her visa on Monday afternoon, and fly back into Grand Rapids Tuesday evening!!! I have a flight booked, and we are going HOME!!! We are absolutely thrilled, and are VERY busy packing, planning, and getting ready! I will try to update more tonight!

Oh by the way~The pink slip is not actually PINK!(which I knew, but just found it interesting!)
And it has the sweetest thing on it, her name(sort of)and our last name, in print, It is official!!


Ferrick said...

Oooh...goose bumps! I just talked with Jenifer VanZ today, she wanted to know when your plane is coming in. This is it Stacy...the long awaited day is finally in the works. Oh how I share in your anticipation and excitement of that walk down the run way, its like walking down the aisle at your wedding, keep your eyes and your heart open, because its magical. Cant wait to meet you, Praise God, your coming home! Susie
p.s. Enjoy that one on one time with just Anaya, its few and far between.

jack said...

Yes...we would also like to know when you are coming in on will be the biggest party the airport will ever see!!!

patty said...

Praise the Lord! So glad to hear you have a date and ticket to come home with Anaya. Can't wait to see you and meet her.

Kadie said...

Really true, I couldn't be happier for you!!!!
Praying for safe TRAVELS! (yeah!)