Wednesday, June 18, 2008


How many more flights did you say we have yet? Poor baby, she was not feeling well, and then we have a huge day like this!! But, I am so happy to tell you that she did awesome! The whole day was filled with miracle after miracle!

It started out with the flight to Houston, I knew we didn't have a ton of time to get thorough immigration, and so I asked if I could get a seat near the front of the plane. To my surprise, I got a seat in the 2nd row and I had empty seats next to me!! YAY! Then, Anaya fell asleep in my arms without a peep, just as we were taxiing out to the runway, and didn't wake up for about an hour into the flight! Thank you Lord! Then at the Houston Airport, I was first out of the gate, and booked it all the way to and through customs, and immigration.(piece of cake! Anaya is a US citizen!!) I sped right through to get my baggage, brought it to be rechecked, and went through security again, and was to my gate in a half an hour!! I felt as though I was the first one leading the pack, all lines formed after me~Thank you Lord! We then got a little lunch, and waited for the next flight!! I was the most nervous about this flight, because there were no empty seats(at least none available online!) This was the longest leg of our journey, and it was on a small plane! To my surprise, I got on, and had the 3rd row back, and NO ONE next to me! The flight was full, they were taking carry on baggage from people to check, and I had an empty seat! Once again, she fell asleep in my arms and never made a peep(this never happens!) She woke up a few times, and I fed her, and she played around, no problems! Thank you Lord!! The last flight we were to be in the back of the plane, so I let everyone else board before me, so that she would have less time to have to sit! Then a ticket counter lady began talking to me, her name was Jackelin!! Before I knew it, she had given me a new seat assignment, and as I walked on the plane, I realized it was in the front row~OF FIRST CLASS!!! This made me very nervous, as there were a lot of business men, and the one sitting next to me, the stewardess knew by name! I was sure they all thought ~oh great, a baby! So I prayed for one last miracle, and I did everything possible to make her happy! Then, the flight was delayed, and she fell asleep, but woke up, at about the time it should have landed crying! She was shot! I did my best to keep her quiet, and the man next to me looked at us, and I gave him a sheepish grin, and said, "sorry, it's been a long day!" To which he said, "Oh, that sweet thing, she couldn't bother anyone!" The guy behind us, says "music to my ears! She is a sweetie!" That made me cry, and we were about to land at "home" so I was extra emotional!! Thank you Lord for all of the days miracles, and blessings! The man next to me was so sweet, he carried my bag, as I walked down the hall, I was so full of emotions, and he said he was thankful to be sharing this leg of the journey with us!!

WOW! What an awesome sight awaited us, as we came down that hall, to be greeted by so many family, and friends, it was truly amazing!! Words cannot express the joy I felt at that moment! Thank you to all who were there to welcome us home, I will never forget it! Thanks too for all who took pictures, and shared them with me, I appreciate it so much! There were a lot of people there!! There were balloons, signs, floweres,cake, and gifts, I was overwhelmed at the support we were given, and forever grateful to everyone for making our homecoming such a special occasion!!

Back on US soil!! Yeah!! It feels so good to be home!! Welcome to AMERICA baby girl!!

Then, I arrived to a very clean home with well stocked cabinets, and clean sheets!! Thank you sister in laws(and everyone else!!) That was an awesome gift!!
You guys are the greatest!! We had an awesome night last night, Anaya went right to sleep in her pretty room, with a real bed, and woke up once, and needed some Tylenol(we have an appointment tomorrow with the Dr.!)and she went back to sleep, and we all slept so very good!! Thanks so much for everything, I will post more about her first few days home, when I get a chance, today we just took it easy and let her explore her new environment!!


Eric and Michelle said...

AMAZING! There is another side to this journey of adoption. I so enjoyed your pictures and details this morning. When I read about the men on the plane I just could not hold my emotions. Praise Jesus!


Patty said...

Totally amazing, only God could orchestrate everything that happened that day. I wanted to be at the airport with the group to meet you but was not able coordinate that with Paul's work schedule and mine. Sorry to have missed the excitement. So far I am planning to come to the bonfire in July.

Patty Barnes

Carrie said...

Wow....God is so Good! As I read your post I just kept crying, because you have been thru so much to get home. Crying because God has shown himself to your family in such a powerful way. What a great God we have!

Welcome Home!!!!!!!!


Trish said...

oh i'm so happy for you, tears of joy on this end of the computer! it will be so much fun for her to explore her new enviroment!!! sounds like she can adjust easy to new enviroments! enjoy it you have a beautiful family!

bushfamily said...

Welcome home Anaya!!! We are so excited for you! Can't wait to meet you---Andrew was sicker than sick so we decided not to share it with you at the airport.
Hope today is a good day for you, talk to you soon.