Friday, June 20, 2008

Enjoying being at home!!

Anaya found her favorite spot in the house! If I have to be in, I may as well be looking outside!!
I was watching her crawl around on the floor, and then she laid her sweet little head down, and fell asleep! I got the picture, then put her in her bed, I think she likes carpet too!!
The guys enjoying some shakes!
Jayden, and his dog Max, together at last!!

Wow, is it great to be home! Unfortunately, we still are not a family all under one roof! Dylan has been at camp, and gets home tomorrow at noon! But, Ryan leaves tomorrow at 7 am to go out west on a mission trip with the youth group! So we have to wait another week, and a half before that actually happens, but at least we were all in the same state for a little while! Anaya is doing very well, she has a cold, so that is affecting her eating, but she is sleeping great, and seems to be enjoying exploring her new surroundings! I still cannot believe she is here, in our home!! It is such an awesome feeling!
The boys were begging Ryan to take them fishing this week, so tonight, Ryan was able to take them out for a couple of hours! They were so happy, Jayden came in the house and said, "Grampa caught my favorite fish!" "Puuch!" (perch~said with Jayden's accent!!) It is his favorite to eat! Spencer caught the biggest and most fish, and Easton was (unfortunately) very nervous~he did not like the "snakes" which Ryan figured out were the worms!! Summer fun!!
I have enjoyed going to the cupboard, and getting familiar food out, things I missed, like Izzys (my favorite thing to drink!) and Wheat Thins! I could not find those things in Antigua! I also love carpet, and Target~yes, I have been there already!! I will be getting my fix all next week, as I will be staying at my parents house while Ryan is gone! A time to reconnect with family, and my Dad is having surgery for prostrate cancer, so I am glad to be home for that! Please pray for him on Monday, and that all will go very well! Also pray for Safety for Ryan and the 12 other people going on the trip to Montana, and a fruitful ministry to the children there! We were going to go with, and take a week long vacation out there after the mission trip! But, our stint in Guatemala wiped out our vacation fund,(and then some!!) so we will be staying HOME!!
Well, it is late, and so that is all for now! Thanks for checking in!


Laurie said...

Anaya is beautiful! So glad you guys are home and survived Mixco. Glad your forever family journey has begun!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear you're home! We'd love to have the kids over anytime during the week you're with your parents! If we can help out in any way, please let us know!Your family remains in our prayers.
the Pratts

Eric and Michelle said...

She is so beautiful and it must be so wonderful to have her home!

Mom to four bio sons
waiting for Mercy in Guatemala.