Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 34....................................

The boys posing under the cute little palm trees in the front of our condo!

Jayden, my lone swimmer! He will swim rain, shine, hot or cold, and all alone! He loves to swim!
These two like swimming, when the conditions are right, but they love to play ball! Here they are playing football, with a baseball glove!
Easton, riding the the water jug! I got the thing up on the base all by myself tonight! I figured I could, but it was rewarding to actually do so! Sweet baby Anaya! She is a funny little baby, and we are having so much fun with her! She is into babbling and making all sorts of funny noises lately!

Today started out really well because Anaya slept in till 7:30! And the boys were relatively quiet this morning too! We went out to the store right away, because when I checked the forecast, they were calling for scattered showers, but it looks like we are going to be dumped on for the rest of the week! They are calling for lots of rain, and flash flooding! I hope that doesn't happen! Antigua is in a low lying area, so who knows, but I really hope they are wrong, as we don't fare well cooped up all the time! We took a tuk tuk back home because it was starting to sprinkle. That was the highlight of the day! The kids just love those things, and I think the drivers think they are so funny. The boys hoot and holler, and bounce up and down, and I can see the faces of the drivers in their mirror, just smiling at them! I have noticed that a lot of guys here seem to like kids, or at least are intrigued with mine! They will stop and pat their heads, and give them 5, and tell me how cute they are, even more so than women! The guards at our gate especially have fun with them, they try to get Easton to speak in spanish, and depending on his mood, he will sometimes give them an "hola" or an "adios!"
We did get some time in the afternoon, to burn off some energy outside. It was cooler, and it did start to sprinkle after a while, but at least we made it out a few times! Then tonight we ordered pizza, but it wasn't that great, we tried a new place,(first not great food yet!!) and it was over rated! But all in all it was a good day!
The laundry takes forever to dry when it is like this, however the dryer costs a lot to run, so everything feels a little damp! Yuck! I think it is good we are starting in on rainy season, because while I miss all of my family and friends, I really love it here! Who would have thought, a 3rd world country would have such awesome restaurants, shopping,(although I miss Target, and Meijer) and beauty! I love antiques, and architecture, and this town is so rich with old beautiful buildings, I want to get out one of these days, and just take tons of pictures of the buildings, and surroundings!
Thanks for checking in on us, we are doing well, but I miss my awesome husband! He is such a great Daddy, and boy do I miss his help! I have a new respect for single parents, it makes for a long day. Ryan always tucks the boys into bed at night so I can veg! I miss that! Thanks Ry you are the BEST!! The boys miss that too!


Lee said...

Hey Stac- I already talked to the Lord about you this morning... :)
It will be good to get you out of the rainy season and home to the now 70 degree MI. :) Try to go the ruins in Antigua before you leave. They are beautiful and some inside some outside. The boys would love it too. :)
AND Lexie is very sweaty too. Honestly she just drips during her bottle and while sleeping...Ick. :)

Patty said...

I woke up thinking about you and your family this morning so I spent some time praying for you. Hoping to hear good news on your VISA appointment this week. It would be wonderful to have you all heading home as a family June 13th.

I have really enjoyed checking in daily to see what the Lord has done in your lives.

Patty Barnes