Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jayden's got a new look!

Jayden's tooth was so loose, and tonight in bed, Dylan told him that if he pulled it out, he would give him 25 centavos(which is like 3 cents!)and he did it!!! He was so excited, then he said he didn't believe in the tooth fairy, so I just handed him 5 quetzals, and 75 centavos, and he was thrilled! Poor kid, he got jipped, but it was all the small change I had!(he didn't seem to mind!) I love his new smile!

Happy baby girl eating Cheerios! Only a few short weeks ago, she had no clue how to get these things into her mouth, now she can clear her tray in minutes!! I was not so happy when she woke up this morning at 5:30!! I usually hear her start to talk in the morning, and I rolled over and looked at the clock, and was like ~ no way chickie! But then I heard her clunk her head on the wall, and start to cry, so I hauled her in bed with me, as I did NOT want the rest of the crew to wake up! So she finally fell asleep in my arms, but I can't sleep like that, so I just watched her in awe!
I am still so amazed at the miracle of adoption! The fact that someone else gave birth to her, and is allowing us the privilege of raising her, just blows my mind. What a precious gift, straight from heaven! Even though we missed so much, there are so many firsts, and things we are still getting to experience, and we are truly blessed to finally have her!

YAY!! We were blessed with a decent day today, and went for a walk into town! This is a beautiful old church, and a few weeks ago, there was a wedding taking place here. The whole thing was illuminated with candles, it was so incredibly beautiful, I still think Anaya needs to get married right here in this building!! Then we went to my utmost favorite coffee place in the world! Move over Starbucks(or fourbucks, as Abel calls it)meet Cafe Condessa! The carmel latte is awesome!

Another beautiful old church, this one is on one side of central park, it nearly takes up a whole city block!
I was talking about the ladies with the baskets on their heads last night, and as we turned the corner this morning, what do I see coming at us~lady with a basket on her head! So I waited till she passed, (as not to be rude, and photograph her face on,)and got a shot, but with my non- paparazzi camera, she was halfway down the block by the time I got my camera out and ready!! A photographer, I am not!!
Well, it felt so good to be able to walk around town today, we were able to go to the store and get some ice cream, however I am at a loss as to what to get Easton for his birthday gift! I am hoping for another decent day on Friday, that way I can take them to McDonald's for Happy meals(big treat), and then to the market, and if he sees something that looks fun, get it! But I will have to check the weather and see, it is rainy season after all!!
No word on our DNA, Ryan called, and they said it was still at the lab this morning, and he was supposed to call back and let us know if it was shipped this afternoon,(but he didn't) so I am guessing that means it was not shipped yet, I am praying they can do it first thing in the morning. Then it should be at the Embassy on Friday, however they usually do not issue "pinks" Friday, so we would have to wait till Mon. or Tues. But I am going to pray that they do, and will!! We shall WAIT and see!!
Sending our love to you all!


Lee said...

What a cutie!!! I love that missing tooth smile. :) He's such a big boy!

steph said...

Jayden, I love your smile buddy!! I'm praying you have great weather for the next few days. They are calling for rain every day for the next 6 days here. Yuck. I hope you can enjoy many more walks and latte's! We have Eastons birthday present right here waiting for him:) Stacy, Rylie says "hola Seniorita"! We're praying for pink on Friday. Give each other hugs and kisses from me ok!!!

Ferrick said...

FEELING PINK!!!! Just feeling it girl friend! We celebrate when they come in and celebrate when they come out...teeth that is. Speaking of Lattes, I'm off to get one. Looking forward to sharing one together in celebration of your home coming. Praying for you Stacy, Susie

Don T said...

Hi Guys I like your look Jayden your still stinken cute little buddy,Stacy I can almost taste your carmel latte from Cafe Condesa I miss all the food places in Antiqua. We loved the crazy monkey place (Monolaco). I think I am ready for a trip to Panajachel how about you Spencer ????????./// We miss you guys so much its going to be party time when you get home Love & HUGS & KISSES Grams & Grampa T (PRAYING for PINK TODAY)