Monday, February 14, 2011

13 years ago today...

my life changed forever.  I became a mom!  Dylan Michael came into this world about 4.5 weeks early, but was absolutely perfect!  His arrival fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a mom! I used to drive my guidance counselor nuts.  She would ask me what I wanted to be and I would always say a mom. 

I have been blessed beyond measure by God in the gift of Dylan.  He is a great kid and a huge help to this momma!  Happy 13th Birthday Dylan, we love you so much and thank God for your life.  May you continue to grow in the Lord, you are an amazing young man and we are so blessed by your presence in our lives!

We are so excited that you are here with us in Colombia as we await your new sisters arrival!

I tried to bake a cake for him this morning, but we can not get the oven to work!!  I guess we will have to try to find one later! 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dylan from Mike and Brendan. You are offically a teenager! WOW!