Monday, February 28, 2011

packing day...

Jayden watching Michigan Out Of Doors online with Lucy and Hunter Easton's bear that he accidentally left here!  Luisa is giving Hunter lots of love for you Easton.

Everything comes in bags here.  The jam, milk, oj, water, yogurt.  Which is fine when you buy it and then stay home, but when you have to move with a bag of opened milk (the jam is the only one with a nifty top on it all the rest you have to put in a separate container) it requires a little more thought.

Almost all packed up and ready to go.  I had forgotten about 2 year old behavior, she was taking stuff out as fast as I was putting it in, and turning on and off the lights, and climbing onto things and touching EVERYTHING that she shouldn't....But, she is a sweet baby and we managed to get it all done despite her 2 year old behavior!

I bribed the boys with a chocolate milkshake at El Corral if they worked hard for me today.  Which of course they did, I am so glad I have my guys here!

It was raining tonight, we made it back from the mall just in time.
We had a good day again today, although packing up was sad.  I found a few items left by the kids and I teared up, and I am a tad nervous to go to our new neighborhood.  I love this one, but I need to move to save some major money, however, the new neighborhood looks very nice.  It is like moving from the suburbs to downtown.  So it will probably be louder, but who knows, and we won't have access to the pool after this week.  I hope to get our internet up and running so I can continue to update the blog!  It was great to be able to Skype with the family today, they finally made it home, safe and sound.  There was a boatload of groceries there waiting for them!  Thank you to everyone who is taking such great care of us, we really do appreciate you!


Stephanie said...

I was offline all last week and was glad to finally catch up on your blog. Luisa looks like she is doing so well! Praying for you in these times ahead. Thank goodness for modern technology and Skype and being able to "see" your family!